Who we are

U-VCARE is a disinfection and purification solution provider and product supplier jointly founded by technical teams from China, the United States and South Korea. Focus on the development, production and supply of disinfection and purification products. Headquartered in Qianhai, Shenzhen, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, China. With the help of UV chips, the company has developed vertically in the fields of disinfection, purification and specialties. Products and services are recognized by customers in the global field

Air Disinfection

With 2.5W of optical power and 42W of input electrical power, U-VCARE more than 99% kill rate against virus and aerolized staph bacteria at a x,000 LPM flow rate on a single pass. 

Water Disinfection: At Point of Use or Point of Entry

U-VCARE promotes healthy work environments with sanitizing technology that helps facility owners and operators exceed safety and cleanliness guidelines. A single U-VCARE UVC LED treats water flowing at a 5l/min rate with greater than 99.99% kill efficacy against E. coli bacteria, resulting in enhanced worker, patient, and end-user safety..

Food Safety: Water Treatment and Surface Disinfection

UVC LEDs facilitate efficient food supply chains by preventing mold growth, extending shelf life, reducing antibiotic use, increasing quality of recycled water, improving restaurant hygiene, and creating antibiotic-free aquaculture.

Hospital Disinfection: Air and Surfaces

Using UVC LED technology in irradiation chambers and surge tents, hospitals can decontaminate protective equipment and healthcare workers.

Automotive & Transportation: Air and Surface Disinfection

UVC LEDs disinfect the air and high-touch surface areas in-situ on transportation such as buses, planes, trains, automobiles, and rideshares.

Lower System Solution Cost

High-efficiency LEDs can reduce piece part count enabling simpler optic, driver, and thermal design.

Highest System Reliability

With a certified LED lifetime, our high-efficiency UVC LEDs offer simple solutions that reduce components and maximize system reliability.

Shortest Desinfection Times

Using UVCARE’s efficient and compact UVC LEDs in optimized systems results in certifiable and reduced disinfection times.